PV Module

WAAREE Solar Modules

With a legacy of over 28+ years manufacturing excellence Waaree Energies provides quality & reliable solar modules in India and worldwide. Waaree has always been able to seize this market and is the current forerunner in the sector. Waaree have supplied 1.7+ GW solar modules globally.


Waaree is the India’s largest Tier 1 solar modules manufacturer with a manufacturing facility of 1.5 GW annually, and produce the best solar panels in India. Waaree’s mono and polycrystalline Silicon-based PV solar modules can deliver power ranging from 3Wp to 400Wp.

Some of these solar modules have additional benefits like flex tolerant, rugged, light weight, protection against all sorts of weather condition and directly gives AC power output.

The vast arrays of such solar modules highlight the fact that Waaree has the right product to meet the demands of all customers from Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

This fact goes along with motto which says, ‘Rahe Roshan Hamara Nation’

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